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Making music and smiling with David Greely

Last night we had a great time hanging out at the Old Town School with Cajun fiddler, David Greely. He gave a performance and taught some tunes for the Fiddle Club of the World.  Jason and I were both so inspired hearing about his apprenticeship with Dewey Balfa and his evolution as a fiddler.  It was an intimate setting, maybe 20 people. He is a wonderful teacher! Everyone got some personal attention and we all learned something: melody, harmony, second fiddle rhythm. The music and his singing were so beautiful! Thank you, Fiddle Club, for bringing in such a wonderful artist! And thank you, David Greely, for sharing your music with us!


Thinking of an old friend

We spent some time yesterday thinking about our friend Peter who passed away one year ago. He was a friend and musical comrade, and he was very much loved by our community. We played together in a jug band and he always shouted “Costa Rikker! Costa Rikker!” whenever he saw me because that was the song I sang. I loved hearing him stomp his cane on the floor and tap on the milk jug with his drumsticks and I loved the way he sang: half-talking, half-singing, all spirit. He was enthusiastic and fun and quick with a wink and a smile. I always smiled too when I was around him. A good friend. I miss him and think about him often.

Thank you Peter, for all the joy and music and storytelling and love that you shared with us. We were lucky to know you.

It’s Almost Here! Chicago’s Old Time Jamboree

This Saturday, December 3, The Wren & The Whistler are hosting the first-ever Chicago’s Old Time Jamboree. We will kick off the evening with a few tunes and then turn it over to the Open Stage. Musicians of all levels —especially beginners— can come up and play a tune. We’ll have a backing band of seasoned professionals (or you can bring your own accompaniment, or play a solo).

Tell ‘Em Henry will play a full set starting around 8:30pm.

We are so excited to put this event together! There are lots of opportunities to play Old Time Music in our community, but none quite like this. For some musicians, stepping onto the Open Stage will be their first time ever performing in front of an audience. Some folks have played at jam sessions and class graduations, but never on their own. Others may just want to share a new tune with the community. All are welcome to participate. Or just come and enjoy the music! The Jamboree is a place to celebrate Old Time Music and the wonderful people in our community.

So come on out this Saturday to Chicago’s Old Time Jamboree!

Saturday Dec 3

Dolce Casa Cafe – 4947 N. Damen


Admission is free – we’ll pass the hat for the bands