About Chicago’s Old Time Jamboree

What is the Old Time Jamboree?
The Old Time Jamboree is a community event to celebrate Old Time Music and the people who play it. We kick off the Jamboree with a short set by the hosts, The Wren & The Whistler. Then it’s time for the Open Stage, where folks can step up to the mic and play a tune. The night ends with everyone coming together for a Jam. We’re proud to be part of such a great community of musicians and friends in Chicago. The Old Time Jamboree is a welcoming event where we can get together and have fun with the music we love.

The Open Stage
The Open Stage is a place for musicians of all levels to get up and play a tune. Most open mics feature singer-songwriters, but the Open Stage is all about Old Time tunes. It’s an opportunity to work on your performing skills and play to a supportive audience that will not only listen to your tune, but will want to learn it and play it with you at the next jam. We even have a backing band, so if you’re just learning to play and don’t have your own band, you won’t be up there all alone! Beginners are especially welcome to play at the Open Stage.

Jamboree Jam
We close out the night with an open jam. Everyone is invited to play along and we’ll play until it’s time to go home. Go here to see a clip of jammers playing Angelina Baker at the Winter 2011 jam.

Click here to sign up for the Old Time Jamboree Open Stage.

Click here for info on the Winter 2011 Jamboree Line-up.


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