What is The Wren and The Whistler Ice Cream Tour?

Judy and Jason pickin' some tunes on July 4, 2011

The Wren and the Whistler will be embarking on The Ice Cream Tour – Summer 2011 during the last week of August. We’ll traveling east from our beloved Chicago, Illinois and hitting the road on our way to southern Michigan, playing our tunes at ice cream parlors in Benton Harbor, Dowagiac, Three Rivers, Chelsea, Novi (Jason’s home town) and others.  Details will be forthcoming.

Our unusual band (the uncommon duo of fiddle and harmonica) is always on the lookout for unusual venues to play, and ice cream parlors are a perfect fit. The Ice Cream Tour is a flavorful/musical mixture of our love of sharing our music in communal settings, our love of ice cream and other frozen treats, and our love of playing outside in the beautiful Midwestern summer weather.

As for the ice cream, I (Jason) like ice cream and sorbets with a lot of fruit, and maybe some dark chocolate. The fewer flavors in the mix, the better for me.

As for Judy, “I love vanilla better than any other ice cream. It is creamy and sweet and delicious. Not at all boring. Sometimes it’s good paired with a fruity ice cream, like black cherry and sometimes I like it with something more exotic, like a hazelnut or coffee ice cream. I like ice cream that doesn’t melt too fast, as I am a particularly slow eater of ice cream. I’m partial to the occasional topping of colored sprinkles.”


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